Spektrum NX6 Transmitter


Written by Jay Smith New innovation and a new name for transmitter line
As seen in the Spring 2021 issue of Park Pilot

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Band: 2.4 GHz Battery: 1S 2,000 mAh Li-Ion
Bind method: Bind button
Channels: Six
Charger: Included
Data port: Yes
Failsafe: Yes
Flight log compatible: Yes
Frame rate: 11/22 ms
Input voltage: 3.7 volts
Model memory: 250
Modes: User-selectable modes 1 to 4
Modulation: DSMX Programmable: Yes
Range: Full
Rate positions: Three
POS Receiver: Included Resolution: 2048
SD card/AirWare capable: Yes
Technology: Smart Telemetry: Yes
Price: $309.99 for transmitter; $369.99 for transmitter and Spektrum AR6610T receiver
Info: spektrumrc.com
>> High-resolution, backlit, 3.2-inch color display screen
>> Wi-Fi connectivity for easy product registration, model downloads, and firmware updates
>> Smart technology compatibility out of the box
>> USB port for charging and data transfer, and for use with any simulator that supports USB game controllers (including the RealFlight RC flight simulator)
>> Dual-diversity antenna
>> Channel 7 can be used as a two- or three-position channel for SAFE Select or flight mode selection for BNF aircraft

On the rear of the transmitter are the headphone jack, serial port, micro USB charging and data port, and battery cover. The transmitter has a hard mounting point if an external radio frequency system, such as a Crossfire, is used.

>> Spektrum transmitters introduced our hobby to frequency freedom with 2.4 GHz technology. The majority of the popular line of DX series transmitters has been refreshed and replaced with the NX designation. They are available in six-, eight-, and 10-channel offerings. The NX series brings innovations such as Wi-Fi connectivity for easy product registration, model downloads, and firmware updates. It is Smart technology compatible out of the box and includes a 3.7-volt, 2,000 mAh 1S Li-Ion transmitter battery [6,000 mAh with the NX10]. An integrated serial port for supporting third-party modules is included—a first for a Spektrum six-channel transmitter. It is also equipped with a USB port for charging and data transfer, and for use with any simulator that supports USB game controllers, including the RealFlight RC flight simulator, so that you can practice using your actual transmitter. The NX series also offers a folding diversity antenna. The NX6 can be purchased as a transmitter only or with a Spektrum AR6610T DSMX receiver. A micro USB cable and a thick product manual are also included. The NX6 retains the roller wheel and the simple-to-understand programming of its predecessor, making previous Spektrum users feel at home. Ergonomically, it feels good and is lightweight using the single-cell Li-Ion battery. A thoughtful feature of the NX6 is that it includes channel 7 for limited functions. This greatly expands the radio’s usefulness when all of the channels are in use and pilots still want the benefits of SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology. This enables you to have full functionality to fly BNF (Bind-N-Fly) airplanes with retracts, flaps, and SAFE Select with the NX6.

The blue indicator lets you know when the radio is connected to Wi-Fi, and you are presented with the options shown. The lightning symbol under the Wi-Fi indicator is illuminated when charging.



The Function List provides settings related to a specific model after you have made your selections in the system setup.



The System Setup menu provides settings for your model such as aircraft type, wing type, and flight mode setup.

Channel 7 is not a fully proportional channel on the NX6. It cannot be used in mixes, nor does it include travel adjustment. Channel 7 can be assigned to a switch in the System Setup Channel Assign menu. It can be reversed in the Function List Servo Setup menu and it will appear in the servo monitor. Navigation of the transmitter’s program menus is done via the roller-wheel scrolling interface, along with the Clear, Back, and Function buttons. The Clear button is used to return a selected value on a screen to the default setting. The Back button allows you to go to the previous screen and the Function button will open My List, which provides quick access to a short list of commonly used menu items that you create. You can also press the Clear and Back buttons at the same time to access the Model Select screen, and if you press and hold the scroll wheel while powering on the transmitter, it will access the System Setup list. A couple of features new to the NX line that I enjoy are the Palette Utilities and Function bar ticker tape. Palette Utilities allows customization of the colors on the NX6 from the predefined color options that are listed under Global Customized, or you can select Personalize to create your own RGB color scheme. The Function Bar on the NX6 offers a ticker tape to show telemetry values and My List, which provides quick access to frequently used menu items. When the NX6 transmitter is showing the normal display (home screen), the system shows the telemetry scrolling across the bottom of the screen. Select Function Bar on the Function List to access the setup screen. Select the Ticker Tape Setup or the My List Setup for configuration. This makes handy information scroll across the bottom of the transmitter screen.

The Spektrum NX6 is equipped with a micro SD card slot on the bottom of the radio. Horizon Hobby recommends using micro SD cards no larger than 32 GB.




The NX6 can be purchased with an AR6610T DSMX six-channel telemetry receiver. Choosing this option will save $10, compared with buying the receiver separately.

The NX6 transmitter is comfortable to use either with or without the included strap. The stick tension out of the box is pretty good, but the tension, travel, and mode can be easily adjusted from the front of the transmitter. Setting up and using the voice alerts keeps your eyes to the sky, while the transmitter shares telemetry information and other settings or conditions that you want to keep tabs on. Even simple things being spoken to you, such as a timer to let you know how long you have been flying or how soon you should land, is appreciated. A headphone jack allows you to monitor voice alerts without bothering other pilots. When you are done flying, the antenna folds conveniently to the front for compact storage and transport. It also helps prevent the radio from being accidentally powered on by partially blocking the power button. Pricing for the Spektrum NX6 is $309.99 for the transmitter or $369.99 for the transmitter and Spektrum AR6610T receiver.

By Jay Smith | jays@modelaircraft.org

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