Horizon Hobby E-flite Clipped Wing Cub 1.2m BNF Basic

Written by Tyler Dobbs A Cub with extra aerobatic capability Product review As seen in the Fall 2018 issue of Park Pilot.


Type: Semiscale foam electric Skill level: Intermediate to advanced Power system: 1,000 Kv brushless motor; 40-amp ESC Weight: 48 ounces Length: 38.7 inches Material: EPO foam Recommended battery: 3S 2,200 to 3,000 mAh LiPo Wing area: 405 square inches Wingspan: 49.25 inches Price: $199.99 BNF; $179.99 PNP Info: horizonhobby.com


>> Shock-absorbing landing gear >> Foldaway wing struts >> Durable EPO construction >> AS3X and SAFE Select enabled This model exceeds the Park Pilot Program guidelines. >> The design and production of the full-scale Piper Cub aircraft began in the 1930s and sometimes draws comparisons with the Model T because of its affordability and relatively simple construction. The clipped-wing version of this famous aircraft gained popularity in the 1950s when it became the vehicle of choice for air show pilots who had learned of its performance capabilities. This modified version of the Cub provided a smaller wingspan and improved maneuverability. The engine’s horsepower was often increased to further enhance the aircraft’s performance. The E-flite Clipped Wing Cub claims to be a hot rod in disguise, and after pushing this airplane to the limits during the last few days, I couldn’t agree more. Horizon Hobby recommends a 3S 2,200 to 3,000 mAh 30C LiPo battery and a full-range six-channel 2.4 GHz DSMX transmitter with adjustable dual rates for flying the aircraft. The E-flite Clipped Wing Cub is available in BNF (Bind-N-Fly) and PNP (Plug-N-Play) versions.
The Cub is well protected, with all of its foam parts wrapped in plastic inside of the box.

This airplane is recommended for intermediate fliers but was designed with AS3X and SAFE technology. This helps less-seasoned pilots with stabilization and prevents unintended maneuvers, such as rolling or pitching upside down. One could argue that these technologies make this aircraft suitable for beginners, or at the very least for those transitioning between the beginner and intermediate stages. Assembly is almost effortless and can easily be completed in roughly 30 minutes with the help of a small Phillips screwdriver. The aircraft design was well-thought-out, allowing for easy removal of the wing without using any tools. This feature was ideal for transporting the model to the field. Foldaway aluminum wing struts and an easy-access magnetic canopy for the battery compartment are also features that are greatly appreciated. Although this model arrived in perfect condition, it is a good practice to carefully inspect all parts for damage before assembly. Attention to detail on the aircraft is excellent, with realistic patterns, wheel pants, wing struts, an engine, and a cowling. The paint scheme is traditional yellow, trimmed with flat black decals in a lightning and sunburst design. The decals were installed nicely, and any air bubbles can be easily worked out with the help of a needle when the decals are warmed by the sun. This classic yellow and black design provides great visibility in both sunny and overcast skies. After some minor trimming, it was noticeable that this aircraft did not lack power. Loops, rolls, and hammerheads can be done with ease, and the 3S battery and 10 BL (1,000 Kv) brushless motor provide plenty of power for ascent. The short wingspan provided a quick response and plenty of agility for maneuvers, even on a windy day. Cruising at half throttle makes for a relaxed and steady flight—perfect for a nice day at the park or for those just familiarizing themselves with flying. The airplane glided nicely. Killing the throttle at approximately 200 feet allowed for more than a minute of controlled descent to the ground. Beginner through intermediate pilots will find that this aircraft allows for the versatility of both slow cruising and more advanced aerobatic maneuvers.
The battery hatch is easily accessible because it is on the top of the aircraft and part of the windscreen.

The airplane is equipped with articulated landing gear and fitted with matching strut covers and balloon-shaped wheel pants—all designed to help absorb shock and provide a smooth landing. Although the landing gear and wheel pants look great, damage to the struts and springs can occur during less-than-perfect landings. Reinforcing the landing struts before flight might benefit those of us who use runways that are unforgiving asphalt or concrete, or who have imperfect landings. It might be best to attempt a few low-speed flybys before touching down. This will let you familiarize yourself with how the Cub handles at low speed and what to expect when landing. Although I did not have a chance to test the E-flite Clipped Wing Cub on floats, an optional float set is available. Most will likely agree that taking off from and landing on water is awesome, and this capability adds yet another dimension to an already versatile aircraft. The optional floats do not come standard with the E-flite Clipped Wing Cub but can be purchased through Horizon Hobby for $25.
The wing struts are securely attached and can be easily removed from the fuselage for storage and transport.

It might be best to get a feel for the aircraft’s takeoffs and landings before doing so on water, because submerging the Cub’s electronics could result in permanent damage. Overall, the E-flite Clipped Wing Cub is a great choice for those looking to buy an airplane versatile enough to stay enjoyable as a user advances in skill level. Beginner to intermediate, or even an advanced flier, will find that this aircraft provides enough power and capability to gain the attention of others at the field. By land or by sea, this airplane will not disappoint. -Tyler Dobbs tylerd@modelaircraft.org

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Not very durable. Breaks easy. Had to rework it. Put on bigger tires. Turf type

Could you tell me how you reworked the landing gear I'm on my third set now

There is a huge disconnect between AMA park flying rules and this article. Why does an AMA publication review a product that is way overweight as a park flyer?? This seems to be an industry wide misconception that it is safe to fly heavy aircraft in an uncontrolled environment. Why not keep your reviews to aircraft that meet AMA safety rules,or do they mean nothing? This is an industry wide problem that should be addressed in a responsible way before it gets us all banned from public parks. TWO POUNDS OR LESS!!!!

Hi Vernon. From time to time, we review aircraft that are over the 2-pound weight limit. Some of our members are regular Adult AMA members who fly aircraft of that size.

yes the landing gear are not very durable had to redo a few time ,shaft bends easy on the motor had to take it all the way out and straighten ,plane is very durable flyies very good does all they say it will great plane.

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