E-Fest 2014

Online exclusive event coverage, photos, and video. Written by Rachelle Haughn. Photos by Jennifer Orebaugh. Video by Mark Lanterman. As featured in the May 2014 issue of Model Aviation Digital.

Despite a blast of winter weather in the Champaign, Illinois, area, the ninth consecutive E-Fest went off without a hitch. The annual event for electric-powered RC aircraft was again held at the University of Illinois Track and Field Armory on February 15-16, 2014. This fun gathering created to give pilots a weekend of indoor flying included open flying and contests. This year’s contests included an Indoor Scale Contest, a RealFlight Air Race Challenge, and a Combat competition. For the RealFlight Air Race, pilots had to complete a two-lap timed race on a pre-determined course. For the fun-flying, there were designated flying areas and times for helicopters, Scale aircraft, microflyers, jets, and 3-D airplanes. There also was a vendors’ row with roughly 12 companies offering the latest RC electric products. Check out some photos of the annual event, hosted by Hobbico. To learn more about this great event, read the May 2014 digital issue of Model Aviation, or visit www.hobbico-efest.com.

E-Fest 2014 Video

Event Photos

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