The Wings Maker Ultimate EP

Check out this all-foam, Pre-assembled Combo from AirBorne Models. Article and photos Andy Wargo. Featured in the Winter 2014 issue of Park Pilot.

The Wings Maker is a division of The World Models (TWM), imported into the USA by AirBorne Models in California. When I learned that the company had an Ultimate EP biplane, I had to have it. It comes in a kit version, where you provide all the electronics, and a Pre-assembled Combo that requires a transmitter and receiver, an ESC and a 3S LiPo battery. The Pre-assembled Combo comes with a factory-installed outrunner; a propeller and adapter, and three TWM micro servos. I opted for the combo, adding a TWM 20-amp ESC, a 3S 1300mAh LiPo battery and a charger. Most of the assembly of the aircraft is factory completed in the Pre-assembled Combo. Nearly all of the time required to assemble the all-foam biplane was spent on fiber taping the hinge points of all control surfaces — and applying the large array of colorful graphics. These graphics are a major contributor to the model’s good looks. The Wings Maker Ultimate EP can take off in a short distance on a manicured, grass runway, and the power setup is more than adequate for all the basic precision and 3D maneuvers.
The compact and powerful Ultimate EP is a stable flyer with plenty of authority for advanced aerobatics.

Ground handling is easy, and takeoffs from paved surfaces or manicured grass runways present no problem, despite the Ultimate EP’s small wheels.


Type: Almost-ready-to-fly sport scale Skill Level: Intermediate - advanced Wingspan: 32.5 inches Weight: 24 ounces Length: 34 inches Price: $74.99 Info:


• Light and durable foam construction • Symmetrical airfoil • Large control surfaces • Factory-installed brushless motor • Factory-installed servos and linkage • Carbon-fiber pushrods • Colorful graphics sheets • Illustrated instruction manual


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