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Welcome to Park Pilot Digital! As a subscriber to Park Pilot, we are giving you free access to Park Pilot Digital for the remainder of your subscription.

Through the menu, you can select options and preferences for your personal reading experience including animations, thumbnails, notes, etc.

While reading, if something catches your eye, you have a few options at your disposal to highlight the subject. You can bookmark a page, you can add notes and comments, or you can use tools to highlight specific sections. Quickly jump to any article using the embedded links, navigation tools, or the keyword search in the toolbar.

You can also download each issue to view offline on your computer and print pages. The print feature is helpful if you want to share articles with a fellow pilot or when you’re ready to tackle a build-it article—that way you don't have to bring your magazine or tablet to the workshop. Other ways to share content include social media and email integrated into the digital edition.

Many of the digital editions will also include access to bonus content and media such as flight videos and additional photos.

How to Access Park Pilot Digital

All current Park Pilot subscribers can view any issue by clicking a cover below. Your username is the email you provided the AMA and your password is simply parkpilot (typed as all one word, all lowercase).


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