Rachelle Haughn interviews RC Girl

Written by Rachelle Haughn The Other Side of the Tree Line As seen in the Summer 2019 YEAR issue of Park Pilot

Rachelle Haughn: How did you get started in RC? Hayley Carter: I started when I was in my teens after taking an interest in my brother’s broken Radio Shack car. I ended up taking it into a local hobby shop for repairs and they let me know that those are not repairable and showed me some hobby-grade kit options. I ended up getting a Team Associated B3 buggy kit and really enjoyed tinkering and learning about how all the electronics speak to each other. That kit is now considered vintage! I took many years off until about three years ago when I received my first modern RC car as a birthday gift. Only recently have I expanded my interests in the hobby to model aircraft and FPV Tiny Whoop quads. RH: When did you learn how to fly model airplanes? HC: I’m going on eight months now. Time flies! I have about seven model aircraft now. RH: What was the first model aircraft that you flew? HC: My very first flight (if you could call it that!) was with an FT Flyer three-channel scratch build, made out of Dollar Tree foam board with printed plans from Flite Test. I crashed that thing many times until it could fly no more. But my first real progression was with the Sport Cub S from Horizon Hobby. It’s a great four-channel trainer that makes learning how to fly accessible to all.

Hayley recently reviewed this E-flite Night Radian FT, her first glider, on YouTube.

RH: Who taught you how to fly? HC: My significant other, Michael, an experienced RC pilot, taught me some of the basic controls on the FT Flyer after he learned I was into RC cars early in our relationship. Then Horizon Hobby reached out to me after seeing some of my YouTube videos and asked if I wanted to try some of their trainer models from the perspective of a beginner, and my skills really progressed from there. RH: When did you start your YouTube channel? HC: I posted my first video three years ago, which is when I picked up the hobby again after years away. I had a video or two up for a year or so without much tending to, and my channel had grown to over 1,000 subscribers! I thought that there was a definite niche to fill without many women in the hobby, so I started actively making more content. A few companies started reaching out to me to do product reviews and it grew from there. I’m not an expert, but I have learned a lot since being back in the hobby. It has evolved so much. I wanted to make RC approachable and understandable to new people, [to] the younger generation, and [to] inspire more women to get into the hobby. RH: When did you start including model airplanes on your show? HC: My first model aircraft video was 8 months ago on the [HobbyZone] Sport Cub S. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I think that is a great perspective to share and can help others who are looking to learn as well. Advanced pilots sometimes forget to convey the basic concepts that a new pilot should know before taking to the sky. Being a beginner, I was able to break down the steps in a way that can hopefully encourage others to take up this wonderful hobby.

When Hayley started her YouTube channel, she only featured RC cars and trucks. She now includes model airplanes.

RH: What model airplane or helicopter have you always wanted to learn to fly? HC: I really want to learn to fly 3D. I’ve been practicing on the RealFlight 8 simulator and on a buddy box, but have yet to have the confidence to go it alone. RH: What do you like about having a YouTube channel? HC: I enjoy being able to try out so many cool products. It’s also really fun connecting with people all around the world who share a common interest. I love hearing from people who say that my channel inspired their daughters to pick up the hobby. Someone commented on my channel recently about how RC has been a positive way to keep the seriousness of life at a balance for him and his family. That really resonates with me.

The RC Girl tries out a flight simulator at AMA Expo West 2018. Photo by Matt Ruddick.

RH: Whom do you admire in the hobby? HC: Ashleigh Heath is such a talented RC pilot and a huge inspiration. I got to see her fly at AMA Expo West last November. I also think the Flite Test guys do wonders for the hobby. It would be amazing to fly with them some day. RH: What are your other hobbies? HC: I love being outdoors. Kitesurfing and mountain biking are two things I’m doing when I’m not tinkering with RC. I recently collaborated with fellow YouTubers who have a mountain biking channel called Awesome MTB. We took mountain bikes and some RC rock racers out on the trails to see who could tackle some challenging features best. It was so fun to merge my two favorite hobbies!

RC Girl, aka Hayley Carter, started flying model airplanes roughly eight months ago.
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I learned to fly in 1978/79. A friend that knew how helped me crash a 1939 Airtrails Sportster that I kit built. I built an Airtronics Q-tee and proceeded to teach myself how that winter. I strained it through the alder bushes regularly. But managed to learn how. Good memories.

Fun glider action. PARKZONE KA8


Serious Dynamic Soaring action PitBull F3B glider.


Hi Hayley Good to see you still flying. Heard from Mike riding in Utah. Hope all is well I'm going to the big show in Pomona next month but I'm going to have to start storing Airplanes in my Car. LOL. Great Article, Take Care. :)


I like the gliders to, great way to learn about flight, thank you ED

Going to show my youngest granddaughter this article, "R/C Girl", who is interested in tools and taking things apart as I did when a youth. My Uncle then as I do now with my granddaughter love to see her taking everything apart! As it is I turned into, "a genius machine", as my uncle once said, but still can't spell. Anyway, power to Hayley Carter and my granddaughter life adventures and "never give up, follow your dreams"! All I want to do now is built and fly and show Eleanor ways to build and take-a-part!

I ENJOYED reading about your introduction to RC enjoyment. Your progression is something that needs to be "pointed" more towards girls, young ladies and older ladies. Seeing MORE girls and ladies flying RC planes and gliders makes ME HAPPY !!!

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