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Online exclusive event coverage, photos, and video. Written by Rachelle Haughn. Photos by AMA Eduction Staff. Video by AMAture RCSpinsider.
Imagine that it’s summertime and school is out. You could sleep in, stare at the television all day, or play video games until your thumbs hurt. But, would that be fun? Well, it might be for a while, but watching the same reruns over and over can get old, and you can only beat your favorite game so many times. After weeks of these mundane activities, you may feel like your brain activity is at a standstill, and you definitely haven’t learned anything. When you return to school in the fall and your friends ask what you did during summer break, will your answer be, “I just hung out at home?” That’s not a very exciting answer! How about you shock them? Tell them that you made some new friends, had some fun, and oh, how about that you learned how to fly inverted and mastered knife-edge! Wait for their jaws to drop, then explain that you attended Camp AMA in Muncie, Indiana! Enrollment is still open for Camp AMA 2014, which will be held June 15-21 at the International Aeromodeling Center. The week-long adventure is for beginner to advanced modelers, ages 13-19. Those who attend will learn from some of the best RC pilots in the world: Nick Maxwell and Andrew Jesky. The campers will have the opportunity learn about all aspects of RC. If you are not a teenager, but know someone who would be interested in attending the camp, you can sponsor him or her. The fee includes lodging and meals. To learn more, visit, call AMA’s Education department at (765) 287-1256, ext. 516, or send questions via email to Space is limited so apply early! Click Here To Register

Testimonial video by YouTuber AMAture RCSpinsider

Photos from previous camps

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I wish they had this camp when I was a kid!

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