Andy Reynolds' Taube (Dove)

Designed by Andy Reynolds. Free plans from Winter 2014 Park Pilot.

The Taube (German for “dove”) was a pre-World War I monoplane and Germany’s first mass-produced military aeroplane. Igo Etrich designed the prototype Taube in 1909, although many variants produced by different manufacturers followed. Despite the name and birdlike appearance, the Taube’s wing was actually based on the seed of the zanonia, which floats to the ground in a slow spiral. My foamie design is loosely based on the original Etrich Taube, and stretched a bit here and there as needed for better flying. The original Taube used wing warping, and my design has ailerons. With its huge control surfaces, the Taube is extremely agile in flight. I maxed out my control throws and added 25 percent exponential, but I rarely use full stick deflections. At only 5 ounces, the Taube can handle a bit of wind, but not a lot. Watch your downwind speed or you’ll really see this dove flap its wings. Read the entire build article inside the Winter 2014 issue of Park Pilot.

Use a square to ensure that the horizontal fuselage side is at a right angle to the vertical fuselage, then glue it with foam-safe CA.

The landing gear mounting areas should be reinforced with blocks of scrap foam.

Extra blocks of foam are added behind the firewall for support and extra gluing surface.

The Taube is extremely agile in flight.

Click here to download your free Taube Build It Plans.

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molto bello questo modello ............................... [EDITORS NOTE:] In English this mean, This model looks beautiful.

Hi, I downloaded your plans, then inlarged to 30" span. I added, what has come to be known as, the "Ron Pod" (instead of a landing gear) & built one out of 6mm EPP. Really wasn't very happy with the way it flew (too twitchey) no matter how much I reduced the throws. I have increased the fuse length by 1", hoping it will smooth things out. I'll let you know how it works out.

No matter what I did, this thing didn't fly worth a darn. I removed all the electronics & CF & used them on a design of my own. Made smoke out of the Taube.

Aloha, I have a question... how are the wing tips fabricated? I see in the photo that it is bent downward. Thinking of building this nice looking plan.



Hi Robin, The online article is a supplement to the printed magazine. You can learn more about the entire build process in our Winter 2014 print issue of Park Pilot. If you add a subscription before March 28, 2014, we will mail you a free copy of this issue to help you in your build. If you would like to subscribe to our print magazine, please visit or call 1-800-435-9262.

Excuse the newbie question, but how do you print this to the right size? Thanks in advance!

No matter what I did or tried, this thing didn't fly worth a darn so I removed all the electronics & CF & made smoke out of it

Was the smoke effort successful? I have several that put a shredder to work, but no smoke, yet. I have had several projects that went to a shredder, come to think of it.

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